The Royal Family Collection – 8 DVD Box Set

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The Royal Family Collection – 8 DVD Box Set

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Including rare and much previously unseen archive film The Royal Family Collection is a timeless story of heroism and heartbreak, love versus duty, and the never-ending struggle between tradition and modernity.

King George & Queen Mary: The First Windsor’s 1910-1936.
More than a royal love chronicle this is the real story of the birth of a new royal dynasty and how King George (accused of being pro-German) was forced to change the Royal Family name to Windsor.
Using stunning archive film from the early 1900’s this programme shows the sober, awkward couple as a King & Queen of Great Britain steering a steady course through the tragedy of World War One, economic recession and, for a time, a genuine republican threat to the throne.

Edward VIII: The king who threw away a crown is the real archive history of a man born to be king who refused to behave like one.
It’s an old story but seen from a fascinating new perspective, which suggests that in Edward’s case the warning signs were there from an early age – the disastrous upbringing, the intellectual backwardness the admiration for dictators (Mussolini and Hitler) and the obsession with older women.

Bertie & Elizabeth: A Story Of Love And Destiny.
Bertie & Elizabeth tells the story of the reign of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, from its difficult beginnings after the abdication crisis of 1936, focusing on the unique relationship of a King and Queen whose great love for each other and strong sense of duty won the hearts of a nation.
This programme presents a fascinating into their reign (through the original archive film), and a unique glimpse of their happy partnership.

Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother: A Woman Her Century.
Born on August 4th 1900, one of 9 children to the fourteenth Earl of Strathmore, the extraordinary life of Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, Known around the world as ‘The Queen Mother’, Spanned the 20th Century.
Her devotion to both her husband ad her duty, and her unfailing grace has carved her a special niche in hearts the world over, and A Woman of her Century is a biographical celebration of her long and distinguished life.

Queen Elizabeth II: A Glorious Reign.
Born on April 21st 1926, Elizabeth was not destined to be Queen. However the extraordinary abdication of her uncle Edward VIII in 1936 re-shaped the course of history and the 10 year old Elizabeth’s life changed forever.
Since coronation day on June 2nd 1953 – filmed in stunning colour; Queen Elizabeth II has reigned through five wars, ten Prime Ministers, numerous royal marriages, 4 children, six grandchildren, several divorces and, sadly, has outlined her mother and youngest sister Margaret. Queen Elizabeth II – A Glorious Reign is the definitive biography of the most famous woman in the world.

Princess Margaret: Her Real Life Story (1930-2002).
Princess Margaret was born in 1930 into a life of Royal privilege with every possible advantage – intelligence, wealth, position and good looks. Prevented from marrying her first love Peter Townsend in the name of duty and propriety, forced to live a life in the shadow of her sister, Queen Elizabeth, Margaret has been described as a ‘Princess without a vocation’.
This intimate biography, using never-seen-before archive film, explores the reality, and truth behind the life of the least understood of the 20th century royals.

Prince Charles: A King In Waiting.
In ‘Prince Charles – A King In Waiting’ we present a comprehensive biography of his extraordinary life. We follow the twists and turns of his tempestuous marriage to Diana. Watch a royal marriage collapse, in a lurid and dismayingly public scandal. See how this supposedly weak prince, scorned and reviled in the aftermath of Diana’s death, bore himself with dignity and courage, and how he changed his life and himself, as father to William and Harry. And we see how he continues to stand by his constant love, Camilla, in a calculated bid to make her a woman – and probably a wife fit for a King.

Diana: The People’s Princess.
on August 31st 1997, the country came together in shock, grief and mourning following the tragic and untimely death of the much-loved Princess Diana. Much more than a princess, she was an icon, and her hand-on approach to people in need endeared her to everyone.
Her short presence here with us and her unparalleled achievements throughout the world will have an impact forever. Princess Diana will always remain the undisputed Queen of Hearts the word over.

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