Sean Bean in Sharpe The Legend – Special Edition – VHS


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Sean Bean in Sharpe The Legend

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Several years after the Battle of Waterloo, a former soldier from Shoreditch sits in a London inn reminiscing about the brave and determined officer who took him to hell and back. The narrator is Rifleman Cooper, and the officer whose fame he recalls is the legendary Richard Sharpe.

In Sharpe – The Legend, made exclusively for video, Cooper recalls the key events of Sharpe’s military career, from the day he saved the life of his commander Lord Wellesley, through his early struggles earn the respect of the Chosen Men of the 95th Rifles, to his final triumphant at Waterloo. He recounts Sharpe’s loyalty to his comrades and his clashes with the odious Sgt. Hakeswill.

Cooper also remembers Sharpe’s many encounters with courageous and beautiful women-Comandante Teresa, the Spanish partisan who teaches Sharpe how to love, Jane Gibbons who he loves and loses, and Lady Farthingdale who Sharpe rescues from a band of rapacious rebels.

Sharpe – the Legend is an action-packed account of the drama and adventure of Sharpe’s most impressive battles and the intrigue and emotion of his romantic liaisons.


  • Sean Bean
  • Daragh O’Malley
  • Feodor Atkine
  • Brian Cox
  • Abigail Cruttenden
  • Elizabeth Hurley
  • Alice Krige
  • Caroline Langrishe
  • Cecile Paoli
  • Pete Postlethwaite
  • Assumpta Serna
  • Philip Whitchurch
  • Hugh Fraser
  • Michael Mears

Director – Paul Wilmshurst

90 mins

1997 Carlton

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EAN: 5030074012031


Carlton Productions

ITV plc


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