Alice in Bibleland Storybook Kids Book Lot Set of 23 Books – 1984-1989 Children’s Storybooks


Alice in Bibleland Storybook Set of 23 Books

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This is a set of 23 children’s books from writer Alice Joyce Davidson & illustrated by Victoria Marshall. These storybooks focus on Alice who goes back into time and relives stories from the Holy Bible. These Alice in Bibleland Storybook’s are perfect for young child.

These books storybooks include:

  • The Story of Creation
  • The Story of Noah
  • The Story of Jonah
  • Psalms and Proverbs
  • The Story of David & Goliath
  • The Story of Baby Moses
  • The Story if Baby Jesus
  • The Story of the Loaves and Fishes
  • Prayers and Graces (*)
  • The Story of Daniel and The Lions
  • The Story of Easter (*)
  • The Twenty Third Psalm
  • The Story of Isaac and Rebeckah
  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • The Story of The Tower of Babel
  • The Story of Joshua
  • The Story of Paul
  • The Story of Ruth and Naomi
  • The Story of The Good Samaritan
  • The Story of Jesus and His Disciples
  • The Story of The Lost Sheep
  • The Story of The Prodigal Son
  • The Story of Esther

Please be aware only 2 of these books have a name crossed out (2 books with *) where it says (This Book Belongs To…), all the other books are ready for you to fill in your child’s name if needs be.

Writer – Alice Joyce Davidson

Illustrations – Victoria Marshall

Printed in USA

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