The Golden Age Human Torch: The Titans of Timely Omnibus – Carl Burgos


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Timely’s Greatest – The Golden Age Human Torch – Carl Burgos

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The Golden Age Human Torch:The Titans Of Timely

Marvel Comics s proud to present beautifully restored collections of our very first super heroes – as crafted by the greatest talents of comic books’ Golden Age: Bill Everett, Joe Simon, Jack Kirby and Carl Burgos. These men were the trailblazers who defined Marvel in our earliest days, an era when we were known as Timely Comics. They birthed truly innovative characters and in doing so defined the world of comic book heroes. In Timely’s Greatest, we collect the complete work of each of these creative titans on their signature characters – The Sub-Mariner, The Vision, Captain America and The Human Torch. Each volume is a foundational journey alongside the creators and characters who are Timely’s Greatest.
Collecting Carl Burgos’ Human Torch stories and covers from Marvel Comics #1, Marvel Mystery Comics #2-34 & #83, The Human Torch #2-7, #28 & #36-38, All Winners Comics #1-4, Young Men #24-28, Men’s Adventures #27-28 and Captain America #76 and The Thunderer from Daring Mystery Comics #7.

2019 Marvel Comics

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EAN: 9781302919337


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