Royal Heritage The Reign of Elizabeth II – J.H. Plumb and Huw Wheldon


Royal Heritage The Reign of Elizabeth II by J.H. Plumb and Huw Wheldon

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During the reign of our present (at time of writing) Queen the magnificent heritage of Britain’s royal collectors has continued to grow. Most important of all, it has been made accessible to the public as never before: through exhibitions in the Queen’s Gallery in Buckingham Palace, the display of drawings from the Royal Library at Windsor, loans to exhibitions here and abroad, and the opening to the public of royal residences and estates.

This second volume celebrating one of the world’s greatest inheritances describes the changes and additions made to it since the accession of Queen Elizabeth II. The story begins during the Second World War, when pictures and other works of art from the Royal Collection were taken away for safe keeping. The contributions which established the pattern of acquisition and conservation that has been carried on.

The major additions to the collections – above all the Royal Yacht Britannia – are recorded here, a considerable list that includes gifts from Commonwealth and other heads of state, works by contemporary artists and craftsmen and works from earlier times, often bought to fill gaps in the existing collections.

This book also deals with the more private side of the collections. New guest rooms at Windsor, changes to the private apartments there, paintings by the Duke of Edinburgh (who has also designed a new fountain for the East Terrace at Windsor) are all illustrated, as well as the Eskimo carvings which are particular interest of Prince Charles.

The Royal Collection has never been so within the reach of the general public, and its contents have never been so skilfully looked after. royal Heritage: The Reign of Elizabeth II tells the absorbing tale of its conservation and enrichment, and at the same time sheds light on the more personal tastes in collecting of Members of the Royal Family.

Writers – J. H. Plumb & Huw Wheldon

ISBN 0 563 17862 0

Published by the British Broadcasting Corporation

First Published 1981

Ferrymere Ltd 1981

Printed in England by Jolly & Barber Ltd

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