The SAS In Action – Peter Macdonald


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The SAS In Action

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The SAS In Action is about the modern SAS: Its roles, its training, its enemies; and its pursuit of excellence. For many the SAS are the black-clad rescuers of Princes Gate but in reality they are much more. The core of this book examines how the Regiment maintains its reputation, taking an in-depth look at its punishing training regime – the constant physical, mental and intellectual pressure that begins with selection, carries on unabated through continuation training and ends only when an individual leaves the SAS. It looks at the Regiment’s responsibility for reconnaissance and behind-the-lines operations (including sabotage). In addition it follows the Regiment into Northern Ireland, where its experience in low-intensity operations continues to be tested. It outlines the procedures and techniques employed by the SAS in their clandestine and sometimes controversial war against the terrorists. It investigates the SAS role in the wider sphere of counter-terrorist operations, and also looks at the Regiment’s deployment in more conventional roles.

The SAS In Action shows how this tradition of excellence began with David Stirling’s rough-and-ready commando unit in the Western Desert and continued after World War II in counter-insurgency operations in Malaya, Borneo, the Radfan and Oman. The book concludes with a comparison of how the Regiment matches up to the world’s other special forces, in particular the US Special Forces and Spetsnaz.

The SAS In Action is illustrated with 80 colour and 70 black and white photographs, many of which have not been publicly available before.

The author, Peter Macdonald, served with the British Army and Rhodesian Security Forces during the 1970s. He is now a full-time photo-journalist specialising in military matters, and is the author of The Special Forces: A History of the World’s Elite Fighting Units, Soldiers of Fortune: The Twentieth Century Mercenaries and US Elite Forces.

Writer – Peter Macdonald

Cover Design – Deidre Horwill & Simon Bleeze

Cover Photography – Brown Packaging

ISBN 0-283-06093-X

First published in Great Britain in 1990nby Sidgwick & Jackson Limited

First reprint November 1991

Reprinted July 1992

Printed and bound in Great Britain by BPCC Hazells Ltd

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EAN: 9780283060939


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