Winston S. Churchill Volume 1 The Gathering Storm – The Second World War – 1964


The Gathering Storm – The Second World War – Winston S. Churchill

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Volume 1 of Sir Winston Churchill’s memoirs of the Second World War is devoted to an examination of the events which led Britain to a point where war with Germany became once more inevitable; to the drama surrounding the actual outbreak; and to the first eight months which ended in Winston Churchill becoming Prime Minister.

Step by step, he describes and examines the decline of Britain’s position, and that of her ally France, in relation to Germany during the twenty years of uneasy peace. The attitude of the mighty but aloof United States, too, is considered in detail. It is a necessary introduction to the war which followed. Sir Winston Churchill has many important revelations to make, and he is able for the first time to collate the British point of view with the documents from German and Italian sources which have now become available, showing how the Axis Powers were mocking at our attempts to prolong a peace which the Dictators had every intention of breaking.

Once war had begun Sir Winston has a tale to tell which no one else living could give to the world. Back at the Admiralty, he was again in the War Cabinet, and for the second time in his life a Minister of Britain and her Allies in a struggle for existence. He closes the first part of his story with the dramatic events surrounding the day on which he was called to the supreme task of leadership.

Writer – Winston Churchill

(6th Edition 1964)

First Edition – October 1948

Second Edition – November 1949

Third Edition – February 1950

Fourth Edition – February 1955

Fifth Edition – December 1955

Sixth Edition – October 1964

Composed by Ebenezer Baylis and Son, Ltd, The Trinity Press, Worcester, and London

Printed in Great Britain by Cox and Wyman Ltd, London, Reading, and Fakenham, and the Chapel River Press

Bound by The Leighton-Straker, Bookbinding Co

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