411 – Volume 1 #1 June 2003


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411 – Vol.1 #1 – June 2003

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411 – Volume 1 #1 – June 2003

“Violence offers us the quickest control over people because violence exerts fear. To redeem humanity, Grandfather (Mahatma Gandhi) concluded the culture of violence must be replaced with a culture of nonviolence. In other words, positive attitudes – love, understanding, respect, appreciation, compassion – must dominate human behaviour rather than negative attitudes like selfishness, self-interest, greed, hate, prejudice and son…”

On April 11, 2003 grief turns to hope and resolve when Marvel and its international creative community pay tribute to the world’s least-heralded heroes: peacemakers. the 411 Anthology tells true and fictional stories of people choosing to high aggression with information and nonviolent resistance.

Highlighting the everyday heroes who are trying to bring peace to their part of the world, 411 is about the people who make sacrifices in the name of humanity.

(Creators from many different countries and very diverse backgrounds contributed the stories you are about to read. Marvel did not seek to control the content of these books. We just asked for “the 411 on peace.”

Yet, as story after story came in from creators, one common theme shone through: Your enemy, even your mortal enemy, is a member of the family of man…a member of your own family. 411 is about people who live by this principle. 411 is about peacemakers: people who make sacrifices in the name of humanity. These are people willing to die t o keep all of us – on all sides – alive.

Stories about peacemakers are particularly difficult to tell with America on the brink of war. The part about self-sacrifice is easily understood, because self-sacrifice is, after all, the essence of being a soldier: a Christian soldier sacrificing his life in battle is a hero, just as a Muslim soldier giving his life in battle is a hero. An Iraqi soldier dying for his country is a hero to his people just as an American soldier dying in the name of freedom is a hero to his.

But the theme of sacrifice for the sake of peace, for the sake of all of humanity, is hard for many Americans to accept right now, with the hearts and minds of the body politic rising in a patriotic furor. You see, for any nation to engage in war, the most inhumane human enterprise, its people must believe that their enemy has given up the right to be treated as human beings – in short, that they deserve to die. In wartime, looking for the humanity in your enemy can’t help but be seen – by patriots – as unpatriotic.

I hope that you will read this book in the spirit that the comic creative community intended it. These stories are neither anti-American nor anti-Iraqi, not anti-French nor anti-Israeli. 411 is prohuman. It is a tribute to peacemakers, to people who turn the other cheek in the face of violence – people who refuse to lose sight of the fact that their enemies are part of their own community.) Bill Jemas.

[please be aware there is light tanning to this book)

‘Blow Up’

Story – Bill Jemas & Chuck Austen

Script – Chuck Austen

Art – Phil Winslade

Color – Chris Chuckry

Letters – Randy Gentile


Story – Mark Millar

Art – Frank Quitely

Digital Inks – Avalon Studios

Colorist – Dan Brown

Letterer – Randy Gentile


Story – David Rees

Art – Tony Salmons

Colors – Rick J. Bryant

Letters – Randy Gentile

Published monthly by Marvel Comics

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EAN: 0759606054558


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