52 Aftermath Crime Bible Five Lessons Of Blood – Volume 1 #4 of 5 March 2008


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52 Aftermath Crime Bible Five Lessons Of Blood Vol.1 No.4 of 5

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52 Aftermath: Crime Bible Five Lessons Of Blood Volume 1 No.4 of 5 March 2008 ‘The Lesson of Murder’

The Fourth Book of Blood – Chapter 3, Verses 1-12

  1. Now it was far beyond the lands of Lamech and outside their memory that the First wandered, for still He sought to complete Himself; for still was He a slave to the laws of the weak.
  2. And it came to pass that the First did leave the Waste and enter unto the House of the Pharisiacs, and there He saw those who took the name of Righteous and Good; and amongst them He didst spy the one-eyed Caitiff, besieged and much confused.
  3. And the First said unto Caitiff, Why doth thou dwell here amongst these who would practice Deceit upon thee, and deny us our worth?
  4. And the House of Pharisiacs saw then who it was amongst them, and begged of Him to repent His devotion, and become as they.
  5. And the First said, Nay, for my worth I do measure alone, above all gods, and none else who takes it shall have matter to me.
  6. And still didst they entreat of Him, and so did fail, and thus turned to pleas, and begged Him to serve as they.
  7. And their mewling words did so offed Him that His vision did once more fill with blood, and the First knew the Red Rage again, and knowing, did give Himself to it all complete and without regret; with blade, fist and shard did He give Himself to it, and so scoured them of that which they were too weak to hold.
  8. And this the First did until the one-eyed Caitiff alone remained to draw breath.
  9. And the First gazed upon what he had wrought, and knew it as the Fourth Lesson of Blood; and He did weep with joy at His freedom now completed.
  10. And the First didst turn to the Caitiff, and did anoint him with the blood that lay there, saying, This, then, is the Fourth of the Four, the last of all Lessons; for if ye cannot take life, ye lack all claim to keep of it, nor master over it.
  11. Thus do, I mark thee, that ye might practice Murder and take that of which the weak have no need, and so earn thy right to live.
  12. And in this way was the one-eyed Caitiff sent forth, to teach the Fourth Lesson to the world.

(Death – Munroe & Weilland)

Writer – Greg Rucka

Art – Diego Olmos

Opening Page Art & Design – Steve Lieber & Eric Trautmann

Colors – Santi Arcas

Letters – Steve Wands

Cover Artist – John Van Fleet

Published monthly by DC Comics

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