Astonishing X-Men – Volume 3 #11 July 2005


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Astonishing X-Men Vol 3 No.11 July 2005

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Astonishing X-Men Volume 3 No.11 July 2005 ‘Dangerous Part Five’

Previously in Astonishing X-Men:

She was created by Charles Xavier from a combination of Earth and alien technology to be the centerpiece of a training room for his X-Men – a training room called The Danger Room. She could create anything out of hard light to challenge the X-Men. She was created to be their greatest opponent in order to prepare them for real-world adversaries. Her only limit was a fail-safe Xavier insatlled to prevent any fatalities.

That fail-safe was destroyed when a student named Wing killed himself in the Danger Room. Honoring her programming, she viciously attacked the X-Men. First, she activated a dormant nutant-hunting Sentinel to attack the X-Mansion. Then she threatened the X-Men’s students. When the X-Men attempted to shut the Danger Room down, she took “human” form and attacked them.

And she won. Cyclops is buried under a ton of rock. Emma Frost is out cold. Wolverine and the Beast have been brutally beaten to a pulp. Shadowcat and Colossus have been impaled. Now she is going after  Xavier, who has been living in the ruins of Genosha for the past year.

Her name is Danger and she is going to kill her father.

Writer – Joss Whedon

Artist – John Cassaday

Colorist – Laura Martin

Letterer – Chris Eliopoulos

Published monthly except semi-monthly in May and August by Marvel Comics

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EAN: 0759606055432


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