Astonishing X-Men – Volume 3 #14 June 2006


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Astonishing X-Men Vol.3 No.14 June 2006

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Astonishing X-Men Volume 3 No.14 June 2006 ‘Torn Part Two’

Previously in Astonishing X-Men:

The Hellfire Club has returned. now consisting of Sebastian Shaw, Cassandra Nova, perfection, Nagasonic Teenage Warhead, and Emma Frost, the Hellfire Club aims to fulfill its destiny and destroy the X-Men.

The X-Man Colossus has recently returned to the team, after he was long thought dead. He and fellow X-Man Kitty Pryde’s romantic tension has been building since his return, and as Kitty was trying to find the words to express her feelings on the situation, Colossus grabbed her and they kissed Finally!

Meanwhile, the other couple at Xavier’s stands on shakier ground. Emma Frost approaches Cyclops in their bedroom, looking…different-she has transformed into Scott’s dead wife, Jean Grey.

Writer – Joss Whedon

Artist – John Cassaday

Colorist – Laura Martin

Letterer – Chris Eliopoulos

Published monthly except semi-monthly in April by Marvel Comics

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EAN: 0759606055432


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