Avengers – Volume 8 #24 LGY #724 November 2019 – Cover A


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Avengers Vol.8 No.24 Nov 2019

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Avengers Volume 8 No.24 November 2019 ‘Challenge of The Ghost Riders Part Three’

On a day unlike any other, a Dark Celestial invasion ed Iron Man, Thor and Captain America to re-form the Avengers, adding Black Panther, Captain Marvel, She-Hulk and Ghost Rider to their ranks.

A failed exorcism of Robbie Reyes’ misbehaving demonic car sent him straight to the King of Hell himself–Johnny Blaze! While Johnny challenged Robbie to a race, the rest of the Avengers were left to deal with a possessed and violent Avengers Mountain. As they fought to stabilize their headquarters, they discovered the culprit was yet another Ghost Rider…and this one is COSMIC!

(Key Comic – 1st Battle of She-Hulk & Thor vs Cosmic Ghost Rider)

Writer – Jason Aaron

Artist – Stefano Caselli

Inker – Luciano Vecchio

Color Artist – Jason Keith

Letterer – VC’s Cory Petit

Cover Artist – Stefano Caselli & Frank Martin

Avengers created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Published monthly except in May, July and September by Marvel Worldwide, Inc

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EAN: 0759606088577


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