Avengers Arena #9 July 2013


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Avengers Arena No.4 July 2013

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Avengers Arena No.9 July 2013 ‘Game On Part 2 0f 5’

Welcome to the Murder World, a mysterious island where a group of kidnapped teen superhumans have been forced to battle each other for the amusement of their demented captor Arcade.

Among the shocks to rock the remaining contestants: After the various cliques arrived at a safe zone containing food and supplies, Anachronism decapitated Kid Briton! Juston, once thought dead, turned up alive… and turned his Sentinel robot into a death-dealing Mech! Oh, and.. Katy turned into a guy named Tim?!

(Origin Revealed – Tim Bashir & Apex (Katy Bashir)) / (Death – Juston Seyfert) / (Leaves Group – Darkhawk (Chase Stein))

Writer – Dennis Hopeless

Artist – Kev Walker

Inker (Pages 6-15) – Jason Gorder

Colorist – Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Letterer – VC’s Joe Caramagna

Cover Artist – Dave Johnson

Published monthly except in February, April, June & August by Marvel Worldwide, Inc

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EAN: 0759606079032


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