Batman Shadow Of The Bat Annual #5 of 5 September 1997


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Batman Shadow Of The Bat Annual Vol.1 No.5 Of 5 Sep 1997

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Batman Shadow Of The Bat Annual #5 of 5 September 1997 ‘”I Was The Love-Slave Of A Plant-Based Killer” Chapter 1 Kiss Me Deadly’

See them lights? That’s Gotham City, Twinklin’ in her pretty jewels, lookin’ for all the world like she wouldn’t harm a fly. But i know different. Gotham’s one mean lady. She don’t forgive, an’ she don’t forget. She just keeps right on comin’ at ya. Inexorable, I call her, way too big an’ dark an’ scary. Makes ’em nervous just to be on the same continent. Me–well, I kinda like her that way. Guess you could almost say I love her. An’ believe me, buddy, I know about love. I’ve been there, seen it, done it an’ had it done to me. In spades.

(1st Appearance & Dies – Jayce Toomey)

Writer – Alan Grant

Penciller – Stefano Raffaele

Inker Chapter One – Ray McCarthy

Inker Chapter Two – Stan Woch

Inker Chapter Three – Drew Geraci

Colorist – Noelle Giddings

Letterer – Ken Lopez

Published by DC Comics

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EAN: 0761941201917


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