Captain Marvel – Volume 10 #45 March 2023 – Carmen Carnero Classic Homage Variant Edition


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Captain Marvel Volume 10 No.45 Mar 2023

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Captain Marvel Volume 10 No.45 March 2023 ‘”Revenge Of The Brood” Part Three’

Years ago, The Brood subjected Carol to experiments that unlocked new powers and led her to take up the Moniker “Binary” for a time, more recently, Carol — under incredible stress — somehow generated an energy being with its own sentience and powers. Naming herself “Binary” in a nod to Carol’s past, the new being set out to find her own path.

After receiving separate distress calls from Rogue and Binary, Captain Marvel sought help from the X-Men. Carol and her crew tracked Rogue’s ship and found her already transformed into a brood capable of harnessing her energy-stealing powers. They had no choice but to kill Rogue and put their faith in mutant resurrection.

They followed The Brood to the planet Ceia II and launched an attack. Believing themselves victorious. Carol and her friends celebrated on a luxurious Shi’ar cruiser, but in fact, the heroes are prisoners, trapped in a mind-numbing vision…

Writer – Kelly Thompson

Artist – Sergio Davila

Inker – Sean Parsons

Colorists – Arif Prianto & Yen Nitro

Letterer – Clayton Cowles

Cover Artist – Carmen Carnero

Published by Marvel Worldwide, Inc

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EAN: 0759606092680


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