Contagion #2 December 2019 – Connecting Variant Edition


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Contagion No.2 Dec 2019

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Contagion #2 December 2019

A deadly fungus escaped from K’un-Lun and wound up in the subway tunnels beneath Yancy Street, home of the Fantastic Four. The fungus-called the Urchin-spread to a young girl named Ruby, whose friend Anton sought the help of Ben Grimm, A.K.A. the Thing.

Ben and the rest of the Fantastic Four went down to investigate, only to find themselves outmatched by the Urchin. The fungus infected Reed, Sue, and Johnny, growing stronger as it absorbed their powers. Only Ben was unaffected.

Meanwhile, Sparrow, the leader of K’un-Lun, arrived in New York to warn her friend Danny Rand, the Iron Fist, of the Urchin’s threat…

(Name 1st Revealed – The Urchin & Anton {1 of the Yancy Street Gang])

Writer – Ed Brisson

Artist – Steven Segovia

Colorist – Veronica Gandini

Letterer – VC’s Cory Petit

Cover Artist – Ryan Browne

Published monthly by Marvel Worldwide, Inc

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EAN: 0759606097043


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