Franken-Castle (Dark Wolverine) #20 November 2010


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Franken-Castle No.20 Nov 2010

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Franken-Castle No.20 November 2010 ‘Punishment Part 4’

Under the orders from Norman Osborn, Daken did what hundreds had tried and failed to do: kill Frank Castle, the Punisher. The Punisher’s corpse was then found by monsters living in the sewer who sewed the pieces of his body together and resurrected him as Franken-Castle. While protecting the monsters, Frank was imbued with a piece of the Bloodstone, an ancient artifact that grants its wielder incredible power.

Armed with the Bloodstone as well as his seemingly endless arsenal and the help of his tech-savvy partner Henry, Franken-Castle’s war on crime continues with new fury.

And Franks looking to direct some of that fury right back at Daken…

Catching up with his target in Tokyo, Franken-Castle springs his trap. Just as he’s about the deliver the killing blow, Daken’s father, Wolverine, stops him. In the fight that ensues Daken escapes and manages to get the drop on Frank. He cuts the Bloodstone from Frank’s chest and stands triumphant.

Writer – Rick Remender

Art (Pages 1, 7-9, 12-22) – Tony Moore

Art (Pages 2-6) – Paco Diaz

Art (10-11) – John Lucas

Colors – Dan Brown

Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

Cover – Simone Bianchi & Simone Peruzzi

Published monthly by Marvel Worldwide

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EAN: 0759606066711


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