Ghost – Volume 1 #3 June 1995


Ghost Vol.1 No.3 June 1995

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Ghost – Volume 1 #3 June 1995 ‘Arcadia Nocturne Pt. 3’

A thriving metropolis of dark waterfronts, art deco canyons, and shimmering skyscrapers. It has long been run by an unholy and uneasy alliance of organized crime, corrupt politicians, and corporate robber barons.

Reporter Elisa Cameron learned, while investigating the story of a lifetime, just how corrupt the city truly is as she got too close to Arcadia’s most guarded secret.

It costs Elisa her life. And thus Ghost was born.

Now Ghost’s newest adversary, the demonic Cameron Nemo, ushers Ghost on a perilous journey – inside herself.

Writer – Eric Luke

‘Ghost vs. Nemo Sequence’

Penciller – Adam Hughes

Inkers – Karl Story, Adam Hughes & Jason Martin

‘King Tiger Sequence’

Penciller – Casey Jones

Inker – Tom Simmons

‘1950s Dream Sequence’

Illustrator – Colleen Doran

‘Superhero Dream Sequence’

Penciller – Tom Grummett

Inker – Tom Simmons

Letterer – Steve Hayne

Colourist – Chris Chalenor

Published by Dark Horse Comics

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