Green Lantern Corps – Volume 2 #17 December 2007


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Green Lantern Corps Vol.2 No.17 Dec 2007

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Green Lantern Corps – Volume 2 #17 December 2007 ‘Endgame’

Billions of years ago, the oldest and most powerful beings in existence, The Guardians of the Universe, created a police force to serve and protect every sector of space. Recruited for their bravery and courage, from planets across the universe. The best and brightest serve proudly as members of the intergalactic known as the Green Lantern Corps!

(Key Comic – 1st Appearance of Sodam Yat as Ion)

Writer – Dave Gibbons

Pencils – Pascal Alixe, Angel Unzueta, Dustin Nguyen & Patrick Gleason

Inks – Vicente Cifuentes, Rodney Ramos, Rob Hunter, Marlo Alquiza & Prentis Rollins

Color – Guy Major

Cover – Patrick Gleason, Prentis Rollins & Moose Baumann

Letters – Steve Wands

Published monthly by DC Comics

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EAN: 0761941249551


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