Green Lantern Corps – Volume 2 #24 July 2008


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Green Lantern Corps Vol.2 No.24 July 2008

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Green Lantern Corps Volume 2 No.24 July 2008 ‘Ring Quest Part Three’

Dispatched by the Guardians of the Universe to retrieve the Sinestro Corps rings seeking new masters, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner’s team must now find their missing comrades, who may have succumbed to an even greater threat…

(1st Appearance – Mother Mercy & Ugg-I)

Story & Words – Peter J. Tomasi

Penciller – Patrick Gleason

Inkers – Drew Geraci & Prentis Rollins

Colorist – Guy Major

Letterer – Steve Wands

Cover Artists – Patrick Gleason, Prentis Rollins & Guy Major

Published monthly by DC Comics

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EAN: 0761941249551


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