Green Lantern New Guardians #12 October 2012


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Green Lantern New Guardians Vol.1 No.12 Oct 2012

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Green Lantern New Guardians Volume 1 No.12 October 2012 ‘In The Name Of Love’

Across the universe, seven armies wield the primal forces of the Emotional Spectrum: Green Lanterns, Blue Lanterns, Sinestro Corpsmen, Red Lanterns, Star Sapphires, Orange Lanterns and Indigo Tribesmen. Kyle Rayner must unite these rival camps…or die trying.

Writer – Tony Bedard

Penciller – Tyler Kirkham

Inker – Batt

Colorists – Nei Ruffino & Wes Hartman

Cover Artists – Tyler Kirkham, Batt & Nei Ruffino

Published monthly by DC Comics

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EAN: 0761941306193


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