Hercules The Legendary Journeys #2 July 1996


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Hercules The Legendary Journeys No.2 July 1996

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Hercules The Legendary Journeys #2 July 1996 ‘The Trial Of Hercules Part 2′

Our Story Thus Far

Hercules’ self-appointed biographer, Salmoneus, is hired by a woman named Pronoea to take her to her husband, whom she says is being held captive and tortured in the Caucasian Mountains.

The pair do indeed find the son of Zeus–when he rescues them from a trio of centaurs bent on highway robbery–and Salmoneus returns to civilization. In the Caucaus, Hercules learns theat the captive husband is none other than the Titan Prometheus, shrunk to human size–imprisoned anew for giving fire to mortals long ago. The man-god slays the metallic beast sent each day to torment Prometheus, and the Titan regains his power of speech, which was taken from him by a cloud-wrapped god who doesn’t want him to tell Zeus a secret he knows. Things go downhill, though, when the silent ones–Cratos and Bia (“Might” and “Violence”)–appear out of nowhere and lay Hercules low with Olympian thunderbolts.

Who sent these powerful, unspeaking lackeys–and what now lies in store for the enchanted Hercules…?

Writer – Roy Thomas

Penciler – Jeff Butler

Inker – Steve Montano

Letterer – Ken Lopez

Cover Artist – Michael Golden

Published monthly by Topps Comics, Inc

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EAN: 0041116001260


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