Hercules The Legendary Journeys #4 September 1996


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Hercules The Legendary Journeys No.4 Sep 1996

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Hercules The Legendary Journeys No.4 September 1996 ‘The Warrior Princess Part 2: “The Shaper”‘

Our Story Thus Far:

Xena and Gabrielle find the Warrior Princess’ home village laid waste by soldiers and her old teacher Cyrus slain by their captain, Aesor, Aesor threatens to kill Xena’s mother, if Xena doesn’t join their army of conquest.

Aesor stuns her by pointing to their commander — a grimly silent Hercules! by the time Xena and Gabrielle dispel the soldiers, Hercules and Aesor are gone, determined to find out the truth, a vengeful Xena rides to his home town, Thebes, interrupting a birthday party for Hercules’ mother, Xena attacks Iolaus when he says he doesn’t know the demi-god’s whereabouts, amid this battle, the true Hercules arrives, with Salmoneus and Atalanta — and Xena, in a raging fury by now, attacks him.

Fortunately, the trio finally convince her they were busy rescuing Prometheus (see issue 2) when her village was assaulted: Gabrielle explains Xena got carried away because of her love for old Cyrus.

Leaving their friends, Hercules and Xena ride off in search of Aesor and the Hercules impersoantor. An old lady at the roadside say she’s seen Aesor (who has a nes scar given him by Xena) with a few armored men.

As the two heroes ride off, Aesor comes out of hiding — as the “old lady” transforms herself into “Hercules.” then into his real self: an evil shape-shifter who calls himself Periclymenus.

Are Hercules and Xena off on a wild goose chase — or riding into a trap?

Writer – Roy Thomas

Penciler – Jeff Butler

Inker – Rick Magyar & Steve Montano

Letterer – Ken Lopez

Cover Artist – Brian Stelfreeze

Color Design & Rendering – Digital Chameleon

Published monthly by Topps Comics, Inc

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EAN: 0041116001260


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