Hercules The Legendary Journeys #5 October 1996


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Hercules The Legendary Journeys No.5 Oct 1996

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Hercules The Legendary Journeys No.5 October 1996 ‘The Warrior Princess Part 3: “Smile For Chimaera”‘

Our Story Thus Far:

when her mother’s village is ravaged, and her old teacher Cyrus killed, by soldiers led by a man identical to Hercules, Xena rides Gabrielle for Hercules’ own village, the real son of Zeus persuades the warrior Princess that that “Hercules” was an imposter. Leaving Gabrielle, Salmoneus, Atalanta, and Iolaus behind with his mother Alcmene, Hercules rides off with Xena to find the true culrpit – and Captain Aesor, the soldier which struck the actual blow that slew old Cyrus.

While our two heroes scour the countryside and learn that the imposter is a purple-skinned rogue named Periclymenus, the fake Hercules kidnaps Alcmene Periclymenus, a.k.a. The Shaper, can take on the appearance of any man or woman, but not their physical attributes such as strength – not yet, anyway.

Hercules and Xena return to find Alcmene abducted. They and their comrades split up into three groups to search for her, Hercules tells Iolaus he believes he knows where Periclymenus has taken his mother.

On Mount Parnassus, a chubby alchemist named Zosimus tests a new elixir which transmutes lead into gold. Periclymenus arrives and informs Alcmene that he and Zosimus are twins, he suspects the elixir will give him what he most desires – the ability to duplicate the strength of any entity he impersonates – even the son of Zeus. When Hercules and Iolaus arrive, Periclymenus drinks the elixir and becomes a huge Chimaera – a dragonlike monster which catches Hercules in its iron grasp…

Writer – Roy Thomas

Penciler – Jeff Butler

Inker – Steve Montano

Letterer – Ken Lopez

Color Design & Rendering – Digital Chameleon

Cover Artist – Earl Norem

Published monthly by Topps Comics, Inc

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EAN: 0041116001260


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