Infinity Warps Weapon Hex #2 January 2019


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Infinity Warps Weapon Hex No.2 January 2019

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Infinity Warps Weapon Hex No.2 January 2019

Gamora has collected the Infinity Stones-granting her power beyond belief. Determined to keep the Stones and prevent anyone from standing in her way, Gamora made one simple move that would change everything. She folded the universe in half. In this universe of Gamora’s creation, incredible new heroes and villains exist unaware of their warped origins…

On Mount Wondagore, a cult named the Evolutionaries have genetically modified hybrids to create a vessel for the eldritch god Mephicthton. Out of desperation, the cult’s leaders, Sarah Kinney and her partner, Herbert, decided to give birth to the next vessel. The child was named Laura Kinney, A.K.A. Weapon Hex, and was as powerful as they’d dreamed. But Laura and Sarah’s loving relationship compromised them, and while trying to free Laura from the cult, Sarah was killed. In her last words to Laura, Sarah told her to protect a sister Laura didn’t yet know…

(Key Issue – 1st Full Appearance of Speed Weasel)

(Death – Dr. Herbert Wyndham & Hellhound [Evolutionaries] & Bavel)

Writers – Ben Acker & Ben Blacker

Penciler – Gerardo Sandoval

Inkers – Victor Nava & Gerardo Sandoval

Color Artist – Israel Silva

Letterer – VC’s Joe Caramagna

Cover Artists – Giuseppe Camuncoli, Roberto Poggi & Edgar Delgado

Published monthly by Marvel Worldwide, Inc

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EAN: 0759606091157


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