Judge Dredd Vs Aliens Incubus #2 of 4 April 2003


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Judge Dredd Vs Aliens Incubus No.2 of 4 Apr 2003

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Judge Dredd Versus Aliens Incubus No.2 of 4 April 2003

In a strange, deadly future, with crime continually spiraling out of control in Mega-City One, only the judges can prevent rampant anarchy. Empowered to dispense instant justice, these lawmen are judge, jury and executioner… and Judge Dredd is the toughest of them all! After dispersing a protest demonstration against a new Power Tower, Dredd investigates shots fired outside of the Eisenhower General Hospital and fails to kill an elusive, Alien chestburster, which quickly enters the hospital ventilation shafts. The Verminators, a special extermination unit, are called in, and Dredd investigates the chestburster’s host, someon who may have ties to both an illegal pit-fighting ring and anti-Judge activists. While the Verminators deal with much more than they bargained for, Judge Dredd, leading a team of Judges, has just found what he fears may be the beginning of an Alien infestation! A deadly Alien, with a bizarre life cycle, acid blood, phenomenal dexterity, and an endless capacity to kill, is a living nightmare. What can Dredd do if Mega-City One is invaded by more? As he says, “We have a serious pest problem…”

Writers – John Wagner & Andy Diggle

Art – Henry Flint

Colors – Chris Blythe

Letters – Kev Walker

Cover Art – Kev Walker

Alien Art (Inside Cover) – Jock

Published by Dark Horse Comics

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EAN: 0761568122114


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