Monstress #32 February 2021


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Monstress No.32 Feb 2021

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Monstress No.32 February 2021

The Story So Far…

Across the Known World, power players and their factions are shoring up allegiances and laying out strategies for the reignited war between humans and Arcanics. But in Ravenna, the site of the struggling with his decision to abdicate his duties and aid Maika Halfwolf – a decision that indirectly led to grave injury for his sister, Bettani. Kippa, too, is grappling with the bloody consequences of her attempts to help others. And Maika herself is facing truths she has long avoided. After pretending to leave Ravenna to throw her pursuers off her trial, Maika set out to confront her aunt, the Warlord of the Dawn Court, only to find her in bed with her new wife – and Maika’s dearest friend – Tuya, the Baroness of the Last Dusk. The secrets these three women have kept from each other threaten not just their relationships but the fate of the world itself – and they are finally poised to be revealed.

The Players:

  • Maika
  • Zinn
  • Kippa
  • Sir Corvin D’Oro
  • Tuya
  • Warlord

Writer – Marjorie Liu

Illustrations – Sana Takeda

Lettering & Design – Rus Wooton

Published by Image Comics

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EAN: 0709853020202


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