Mosaic #2 January 2017 – Cover A


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Mosaic Vol.1 No.2 Jan 2017

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Mosaic Volume 1 No.2 January 2017 ‘Episode 2: Soul On Ice’

Basketball star Morris Sackett had it all: fame, money, pop star girlfriend, championship ring. But at the height of it all, Morris was engulfed in the Terrigen Cloud, revealing previously unknown inhuman abilities. Horrified at his own transformation, Morris panicked and jumped…into someone else’s body.

Now, Morris can take control of anyone as he moves from body to body. From a young man named Fife to an older businessman named Jin to a fledgling safecracker named Beto. It was as Beto that Morris is pulled into a heist on a Russian mob by Beto’s best friend, Pablo, and his crush, Angel. When the group was caught, Morris helped Pablo and Angel escape. Unfortunately, it was at the seeming cost of Morris/Beto’s life…

Writer – Geoffrey Thorne

Artist – Khary Randolph

Colors – Emilio Lopez with Andres Mossa

Lettering – VC’s Joe Sabino

Cover – Keron Grant

Published monthly by Marvel Worldwide, Inc

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EAN: 0759606084142


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