Pretty Deadly The Rat #3 of 5 November 2019


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Pretty Deadly The Rat No.3 of 5 Nov 2019

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Pretty Deadly The Rat No.3 of 5 November 2019

The ballad was a history. With Death’s daughter Ginny at her side, Sissy, the child of blood and violence raised on love, defeated Old Death in his own domain and took his place in the long-fallow World Garden. Having assumed the mantle of Death, Sissy must bring the Garden back to life and seek out the errant Reapers and return them to the fold.

In the mortal realm, Sarah Fields, the woman who pulled Sissy from the river of blood that bore her, died. Her children, and their connection to the Reapers, live on. Striking out from their birthplace, Sarah’s progeny have found themselves as far-flung as the bloody trenches of France to the arid streets of Hollywoodland.

In between the glitz, the glamour, and the bright lights, Clara Fields is found dead. Her uncle Frank, the Conjure-Man, set out to solve the mystery of her death. As he desperately searches for answers, Ginny, the Reaper of Vengeance, sets aside her duties, granting him three days of assistance in his quest. Their search starts with Director Jack Kaufman, a man with insatiable hunger. He took advantage of Clara’s talent for a time, but then she disappeared. Clara passed, but her soul never arrived in the Garden. Only a Reaper could be responsible. The question is which one…?

Script – Kelly Sue DeConnick

Art & Cover – Emma Rios

Colouring – Jordie Bellaire

Lettering – Clayton Cowles

Published by Image Comics Image Comics Inc

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EAN: 0709853028840


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