Sentinel #3 August 2003


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Sentinel Vol.1 No.3 Aug 2003

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Sentinel Volume 1 No.3 August 2003 ‘Salvage Part 3’


You might think that it sucks to be Juston Seyfert. He’s tormented by the seniors at Antigo High School. He has no luck with the ladies. He’s dirt poor. He lives in his father’s junkyard. and his mother walked out on him and his family years ago. Yeah, you might think that it sucks…but, oddly enough, you’d be wrong.

Through achance lunch-time encounter. Juston has met the girl of his dreams: a Senior named Jessie. Not only is she fun, smart and absolutely gorgeous, but she’s taken a liking to Juston and actually seems to appreciate him for who he is… which, to Juston, is a rarity!

Just when things didn’t look like they could get much better, Juston made a discovery that turned his world even more upside-down: a gigantic, half-broken robot that had somehow found its way into the shed at the back of his family’s junkyard! Once the initial rush of terror died down. Juston couldn’t have been more thrilled!

Although the robot’s origins remain unknown, Juston has decided to keep his find a secret from the world–including his family and friends. Using his strong technical skills–developed from years of playing in the scrap–Juston has made the rebuilding and reprogramming of this technological wonder his “pet project.”

But the question remains: once the job is done, what the heck is Juston going to do with this 30-foot-tall mechanical monstrosity?!?

Story – Sean McKeever

Art – Udon

Pencils & Inks – Joe Vriens, Sacha Heilig, Scott Hepburn & Eric Vedder

Colors – Andrew Hou, Kevin Yan & Simon Yeung

Letters – Cory Petit

Published monthly by Marvel Comics

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EAN: 0759606054473


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