Spider-Man Comics Weekly No.49 – Week Ending 19 January 1974


Spider-Man Comics Weekly No.49 – 19 January 1974

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Spider-Man Comics Weekly No.49 Week Ending 19th January 1974

*Please be aware the back pages has been ripped although rest of book is good-very good (view images for more details)

(First Appearance Murray (Stark Industries)

The Amazing Spider-Man! ‘Doc Ock Wins!’

Since the deadly Dr. Octopus made good his escape last ish, Spidey has combed the city, searching for him! and now, guided by his infallible Spider-Sense, look what he’s stubled into…!

Produced by Stan (The Man) Lee & John (Ring-A-Ding) Romita

Inking – Mike Esposito

Lettering – Sam Rosen

The Mighty Thor ‘Asgard Besieged!’

It’s finally happened! The living weapon called The Absorbing Man has attacked eternal Asgard itself– under the command of the villainous Loki! And it seems that none, even among the immortals, can stand against him!

Story – Stan Lee

Art – Jack Kirby

Inking – Vince Coletta

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