Spider-Man Comics Weekly #53 Week Ending 16 February 1974 – UK Edition


Spider-Man Comics Weekly No.53 – 16 Febuary 1974

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Spider-Man Comics Weekly No.53 Week Ending 16th February 1974

*Please be aware the back pages has been ripped although rest of book is good-very good (view images for more details)

The Amazing Spier-Man ‘Trial by Combat’

Well, our web-spinning wonder still has amnesia, friends and neighbours! But, as if that’s not bad enough now J. Jonah Jameson has convinced none other than Ka-Zar lord of the hidden jungle, that Spidey is a dangerous criminal who must be smashed and brought to justice–not necessarily in that order.

Other than that everything’s just fine–!

Writer – Stan Lee

Art – John Romita & Don Heck

Inker – Mike Esposito

Letterer – Sam Rosen

‘The Stronghold of Doctor Weird’

Realising that the struggle between good and evil is a no-holds-barred duel to the death, Iron Man risks all to stop the most evil villain in history! Prepare yourself for electrifying suspense as the mighty knight in shining armour invades…

Plot – Stan Lee

Script – R.Berns

Art – Jack Kirby

Lettering – Marty Epp

The Mighty Thor ‘When Titans  Meet!

Through the awesome power of a necromantic Norn Stone, a humble witch doctor has transformed himself into the malevolent marauder called The Demon — who now leads his savage horde across the continent of Asia in a devastating sweep of conquest…destined to end in a clash with the Mighty Thor!

Meanwhile, at the hospital bedside of nurse Jane Foster, The Mortal Dr. Donald Blake has revealed that he is, in truth, Thor, The Immortal Asgardian God whom Jane loves.

But it is a revelation also witnessed by all-seeing Odin…and The Golden Spires of Asgard threaten to tremble before his wrath!

Writer – Stan Lee

Art – Jack Kirby

Inker – V. Coletta

Letter – Artie Simek

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