Spider-Man Comics Weekly #56 Week Ending 9 March 1974 – UK Edition


Spider-Man Comics Weekly No.56 – 9 March 1974

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Spider-Man Comics Weekly No.56 Week Ending 9th March 1974

The Amazing Spider-Man! ‘The Brand of The Brainwasher’

Produced by – Stan (The Man) Lee & Johnnny (Ring-A-Ding) Romita

Enchantment by – Don Heck

Embellishment by – Mickey Demeo

Lettering by – Srtie Simek

Iron Man versus ‘Kala, Queen of the Netherworld’

Down, down to the centre of the earth goes Iron Man, on the most dangerous mission of his career! The fate of the entire world hans in the balance as a fantastic duel takes place at the earth’s core between two ultra-powerful foes! The Awesome…

Plot – Stan Lee

Script – R.Berns

Art – Jack Kirby

Inking – Don Heck

Lettering – Art Simek

The Mighty Thor ‘Whom The Gods Would Destroy’

Featuring: The long-awaited Clash of the Titans between Mighty Thor and Hercules!

Another Mighty Marvel instant resume:

Hercules has come to earth! He’s got the big eye for Thor’s chick!

Goldilocks is bugged but good!

So, they’re fighting it out!

The Literary Lion – Stan Lee

The Pencilling Pussycat! – Jack Kirby

The Delineating Dragon! – Vince Coletta

The Lettering Looks It! – Artie Simek

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