Superman – Volume 6 #2 May 2023 – Szerdy Variant Cover


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Superman Vol.6 No.2 May 2023

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Superman Volume 6 No.2 May 2023 ‘The Night Of The Parasite’

The last son of a dying world, Kal-El came to Earth with powers and abilities beyond those of mortal humans. He was found and raised by a kindly couple in Smallville, Kansas, and imbued with the values of truth and justice by his adoptive parents. Now serving as a reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper, Clark Kent takes to the skies to use his gifts for the betterment of the world as… Superman

Chapter Two

When the evil Lex Luthor made it his mission to “improve” Superman, the Man of Steel was suspicious. The incarcerated billionaire went so far as to retitle his company Super Corp and place his hated rival in charge. But before Superman could get to the bottom of Lex’s schemes, disaster was unleashed upon the city. Now Metropolis is in the grips of…

Writer – Joshua Williamson

Artist – Jamal Campbell

Letterer – Ariana Maher

Cover Artist – Nathan Szerdy

Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superboy created by Jerry Siegel. Supergirl based on the character created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. By special arrangement with the Jerry Siegel family.

Published monthly by DC Comics

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EAN: 0761941379500


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