The Gunhawks – Volume 2 #1 April 2019 – Young Guns Variant Edition


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The Gunhawks  Vol.2 No.1 Apr 2019

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The Gunhawks Volume 2 No.1 April 2019

The law don’t mean much out here. Out in the sunbaked wilds of the West there’s a natural law, the law of the rattlesnake, the wolf, the vulture. There’s an understanding between predator and prey, of power and survival. When the very land itself tries to kill you with drought, tornados, heat and poison, any attempt to wrestle even the slightest bit of human order from all that chaos would seem a fool’s errand. But there were those who tried, and the good Lord help any who dared call them fools. They wrestled the land with ploughs, they corralled vast herds of cattle with a handful of horses and they kept the wildness of man and beast at bay with grit and steel. They were tough. They were fierce. They were… Gunhawks

(1st Appearance – Sheriff Dean ‘The Deadman’ Donnelly, Mayor Hutchins, R.J. Collins & Madeline, Colleen) / (1st Appearance & Dies – Deputy Jacob)

Writers – David Lapham & Maria Lapham

Art – Luca Pizzari

Color Artists – Neeraj Menon & Rachelle Rosenberg

Letterer – VC’s Travis Lanham

Cover Artist – Aaron Kuder

Special thanks to Brian Overton

Published as a One-Shot by Marvel Worldwide, Inc

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EAN: 0759606093366


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