Venom – Volume 5 #5 April 2022 – Cover A


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Venom Vol.5 No.5 Apr 2022

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Venom Volume 5 No.5 April 2022 ‘The Garden Party’

Years ago, Eddie Brock was a reporter whose career was ruined, and he contemplated ending his own life, but he found a kindred spirit–an extra-terrestrial parasitic alien called a symbiote. The creature bonded to him, and the tow were joined. Together they are Venom.

Recently, the wicked web-slinger discovered that he had a son, Dylan.

Venom is changing, Eddie has become a god–The King In Black. He’s become unstuck in time after dying in front of Dylan who is on the run from the Life Foundation as they violently attempt to hasten the symbiote’s evolution.

Eddie’s friend Archer Lyle, betrayed Dylan, and delivered him to Alchemax. The symbiote narrowly escaped the Life Foundation’s latest weapon–The Spearhead–and came to Dylan’s rescue. Dylan’s done the one thing his father warned him not to: Bond to the symbiote.

All of this seems to be part of the mysterious Meridius’ plan…and he’s just unleashed his own weapon in the form of a giant red symbiote called Bedlam!

(Key Comic – 1st Team Appearance of The King’s in Black {Tyro, Finnegan & Wilde} & 1st Full Appearance of Bedlam)

Writer – Al Ewing

Penciler – Bryan Hitch

Inker – Andrew Currie

Color Artist – Alex Sinclair

Letterer – VC’s Clayton Cowles

Cover Artist – Bryan Hitch & Alex Sinclair

Published monthly by Marvel Worldwide, Inc

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EAN: 0759606201914


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