NASA’s Greatest Missions – When We Left Earth -Disc 3 – Episode 5 The Shuttle – Episode 5 A Home In Space – DVD


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NASA’s Greatest Missions – When We Left Earth

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Episode 5: The Shuttle

New requirements for a bigger cargo bay prompted a breakthrough in spacecraft design. The development of the reusable shuttle sparked a revolutionary approach to space.

The shuttle described as a butterfly on a bullet, departed on its maiden voyage in April 1981. It was an outstanding success but subsequent missions remained as dangerous as ever, as tragically demonstrated by by both the 1986 Challenger and 2003 Columbia shuttle disasters. But the development of the International Space Station, meant that the shuttle could not be abandoned.

Episode 6: A Home In Space

Billions of dollars over budget and ten years behind schedule, NASA finally launched the Hubble Space telescope, which was expected to transform our understanding of the Universe, but it immediately became clear that NASA had a serious problem. Hubble, the all-seeing eye into deep space, was near-sighted.

At the risk of becoming a laughing stock NASA sent a crack team of astronauts to fix the phenomenally costly problem. The heroic efforts captured the public’s imagination in a way not seen since the historic Moon landings, giving NASA the confidence to begin construction of the International Space Station.

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