Sean Bean in Sharpe’s Gold – VHS


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Sean Bean in Sharpe’s Gold

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Once again action and adventure pursue maverick British rifleman, Major Richard Sharpe.

In Sharpe’s Gold the dashing and heroic major pits his wits against El Casco, a terrifying partisan leader who has a chilling way of dealing with his enemies. Sharpe’s mission, to trade guns for deserters, is imperilled by the beautiful and desirable Ellie, who follows him into the hills where there is rumoured to be hidden Aztec gold.


  • Sean Bean
  • Daragh O’Malley
  • Jayne Ashbourne
  • Peter Eyre
  • Abel Folk
  • Rosaleen Linehan
  • Hugh Ross
  • Hugh Fraser

Director – Tom Clegg

103 mins

1995 Carlton UK Productions

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EAN: 5030074003336


Carlton Productions


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