The Big Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Book – Joachim Klang and Oliver Albrecht


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The Big Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Book

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Almost every kid’s room has a LEGO brick collection these days. Quite a few adults are also addicted to the colorful bricks and love it when their offspring animate them to build something. However once the bricks end up in a box after tidying, the one thing that normally goes missing is what the two LEGO experts Joachim Klang and Oliver Albrecht share in their extensive book: ideas! They provide a wealth of suggestions for building a whole new world from the smorgasbord.

The Big unofficial LEGO Builder’s Book comes with complete instructions how to build small models like cars, helicopters or electric locomotives from ordinary LEGO bricks, and how to develop these into an entire city complete with department store and train station – it only takes a little their skills with more professional models. Simple step-by-step instructions complete with clearly arranged parts lists make it easy to bring an entire city from streets, houses and vehicles to life.

Big and small, young and young at heart, this book is for all fans of the fascinating bricks that have accompanied us for generations.

Writers – Joachim Klang & Oliver Albrecht

2012 Heel Verlag GmbH

ISBN 978-3-86852-658-5

Printed in Italy

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EAN: 9783868526585


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