Alien – Volume 2 #3 January 2023 – Cover A


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Alien Vol.2 No.3 Jan 2023

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Alien Volume 2 No.3 January 2023 ‘Icarus Part 3 of 6’

In 2122, the multinational corporation Weyland-Yutani–purporting to answer a distress call but secretly trying to secure specimens of a dangerous alien species known as Xenomorphs — sent towing vehincle the Nostromo to the moon LV-426. Tragedy struck crew.

In 2179, a colony known as Hadley’s Hope, built on LV-426, was overrun by Xenomorphs. An attempt to rescue the colony was also met with tragedy.

In 2200, the research station Epsilon was overrun by an anti-WY group who inadvertently set free an incubating Xenomorph known as Alpha. There were only two survivors.

In 2202, Xenomorphs were released on a United Americas Spinner settlement and massacred most of the population. Against all odds, a handful escaped.

Now the years is 2217. Tobler-9 is dead — another Weyland-Yutani world overrun by the organism and then nuked until the radiation made organic life impossible. When a disaster decimated the planet Perseus-9, a crucial farming colony, the United Systems sent the Steel Team — a legendary band of synthetics — to Tobler-9 to procure a modified ovomorph egg that has the genetic potential to save humanity.

They found the lab ransacked, the egg gone. Xenomorphs attacked and had backed the synths into a killing corner when the impossible appeared: a band of living humans, armed to the teeth.

Writer – Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Artist – Julius Ohta

Colorist – Yen Nitro

Letters – Clayton Cowles

Cover – Bjorn Barends

Special thanks to Steve Asbell, LeAnnie Hackmann, Sarah Huck, Alison Giordano, Jackson Kaplan, Jeffrey Thomas, Carol Roeder & Nicole Spiegel at Disney.

Published monthly by Marvel Worldwide, Inc

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EAN: 0759606204854


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