Carnage – Volume 3 #10 April 2023 – Cover A


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Carnage Vol.3 No.10 Apr 2023

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Carnage Volume 3 No.10 April 2023 ‘Godbreaker’

Years ago, the Venom symbiote spawned, and its offspring bonded to serial killer Cletus Kasady. Imbued with incredible strength, speed, endurance and powers similar to those of the Amazing Spider-Man, Kasady and his extra-terrestrial “other” share a unique bond and have long terrorized the Marvel universe as… Carnage.

Carnage is loose, rejected by its former host Cletus Kasady, the Carnage Symbiote is on its own, but it has found a disciple in serial killer Kenneth Neely. The murderous symbiote is evolving by attacking and stealing the powers of super-powered individuals.

But detective Jonathan Shayde, who has been aided by the voice of Cletus Kasady in his head following an encounter with the symbiote, has tracked Carnage across the universe-determined to stop it once and for all.

Now Carnage has traveled to the forge of Nidavelir where, armed with Malekith’s Codex from his time bonded to the Venom symbiote, it has plans to create a godly weapon of its own…

(Death – Drorin Runehewer) / (Apparent Death – Spike)

Writer – Ram V

Artist – Francesco Manna

Color Artist – Erick Arciniega

Letterer – VC’s Joe Sabino

Cover Artist – Kendrick ‘Kuunkka’ Lim

Published monthly by Marvel Worldwide, Inc

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EAN: 0759606202430


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