Doctor Strange – Volume 5 #1 August 2018


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Doctor Strange Vol.5 No.1 Aug 2018

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Doctor Strange Volume 5 No.1 August 2018 ‘Sorcerer Supreme of The Galaxy’ Part One

Stephen Strange was a preeminent surgeon until a car accident damaged the nerves in his hands. His ego drove him to scour the globe for a miracle cure. instead, he found a mysterious wizard called The Ancient One who taught him mystic arts and opened his eyes to the magic behind reality. These lessons enabled Stephen to become the sorcerer supreme, Earth’s first defense against all manner of magical threats. His patients call him… Doctor Strange

After some time away, Doctor Strange returned to the sanctorum in Greenwich village, New York city, ready to fulfill his role as our realms lead defender against all threats occult and arcane.

Writer – Mark Waid

Artist – Jesus Saiz

Letterer – VC’s Cory Petit

Cover Artist – Jesus Saiz

Doctor Strange created by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko

Published monthly by Marvel Worldwide, Inc

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EAN: 0759606089376


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