Doctor Who #00 FCBD 2022


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Doctor Who No.00 FCBD 2022

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Doctor Who #00 FCBD 2022


The Doctor is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. A long time ago, they stole a Tardis in a bid to explore the universe in complete freedom. When near death, Time Lords have the ability to regenerate, forming a new body and personality quirks. Recently, the Doctor discovered they had lived through an unknown number of regenerations which had been wiped from their memory. This is the story of one of those forgotten lives, known as the Fugitive Doctor…

‘The First Doctor’

Curmudgeonly and stubborn, this wayward son Gallifrey is not one to suffer fools gladly. The first to steal a Tardis and run awaya, he has an old face but a young man’s vigor, eager to travel the universe and see its wonders. His granddaughter Susan accompanies him.

‘The Fugitive Doctor’

An operative for the dubious Division, this incarnation of the Time Lord is bold and has a biting wit. She’s got a short fuse and an even shorter temper, but she never fails to help where she can.

‘The Tardis’

Time and Relative Dimension is Space Bigger on the inside, this unassuming blue police box is a ticket to amazing adventures across time and space! The Doctor likes to think she’s in control of her temporal jaunts, but more often than not, the temperamental Tardis takes them where and when they need to be…

Writer – Jody Houser

Artist – Roberta Ingranata

Colorist – Warnia K. Sahadewa

Letterer – Richard Starkings & Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt

Cover Artist – OZ Browne

Published by Titan Comics

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EAN: 0793611736108


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