Scion #6 December 2000


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Scion No.6 Dec 2000

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Scion Noo.6 December 2000

Thus Far in Scion…

What started with a mysterious sigil has led to war. Prince Ethan of the West-ruling Heron Dynasty was graced with a mark granting him power, leading to the accidental scarring of Prince Bron of the East’s Raven Dynasty during ritual combat.

Ethan surrendered himself to the Ravens, but was soon freed from his imprisonment by a woman named Ashleigh, who wanted Ethan to join the Underground cause of freedom for the genetically-created Lesser Races.

Ethan declined her offer, feeling his duty was to journey home and attempt to prevent the war his apparent escape is about to cause.

During that journey Ethan discovered the landing site for the Raven fleet’s invasion of the West. When a Northern Gale, a sudden and savage storm of legendary proportions, destroyed Ethan’s ship, the prince’s life was saved by a race of undersea denizens who inhabit a fantastic sea-floor city.

Ethan awakened to find himself on Western shores. When reunited with his family, Ethan related the East’s imminent plans to invade. Now having surprise on their side, the Herons vowed to prepare a welcome for their age-old enemies…

The CrossGen Universe created by Mark Alessi & Gina M. Villa

Writer – Ron Marz

Penciller – Jim Cheung

Inker – Don Hillsman II

Colorist – Caesar Rodriguez

Letterer – Dave Lanphear

Published by Cross-Generation Comics First Printing

Printed in Canada

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EAN: 0800155981328


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